Retro Review: The Palm Treo 755p

Today in 2007 we were privileged, via my old website UNEASYsilence, to do one of the first unboxing reviews of the Palm Treo 755p.  It’s imporant to note the P as at this time Palm was transitioning to running both Windows Mobile and PalmOS on their hardware.  Wanted to share this as a retro review.

Ok, Palm addicts time to get your fix. Sprint and Palm today jointly announced the Treo 755p. We’ve created a walkthrough video that brushes over the smartphones hardware changes (Look Ma, No Antenna!), as well as two of the devices key bundled apps – Voice Control and IM.Built into the ROM are the usual suspects, Documents to Go for native Word, Excel, PowerPoint editing, and full PDF support. PocketTunes for media playback (including protected WMA files). VersaMail with built in Exchange push support (still puzzled why they didn’t ditch VersaMail and use their most recent acquisition ChatterMail). Also of note included in the ROM is Google Maps, and Sprint TV.

This Treo will also sport two colors, deep royal blue and burgundy in a rubberized finish similar to the Treo 750.

All in all it is a solid model (but why oh why did they ditch the metal stylus?!)l, and perfect replacement for those hold outs still using the 650. But 700 users may want to wait until third party extended batteries are available since I found myself scrambling for a charger a few times when I was reviewing the product.

After the jump, enjoy some screenshots of the UI.