Add Picture in Picture Support to YouTube, Plex, and Other Video Sites with PiPifier

In macOS Sierra, Apple introduced a video feature called Picture in Picture which allows you to play a video in a floating window, so you can keep one eye on what you’re watching and the other on what you’re doing.

However, there are some websites like YouTube and Plex that do not use standard HTML5 video wrappers which break the Mac’s PiP function.  Enter a neat open source app called PiPifier.

PiPifier works by intercepting code in supported websites and enabling the PiP function.  PiPifier is also recompiled as a Mac AppStore app so you don’t need to compile it from its source via Xcode (and comes with the stamp from Apple this is a safe app).


To use PiPifier, load up a video then you need to make sure you interact with the video player once before pressing the PiPifier button (like pressing play/pause).

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