Inspired by recent events, I was inspired by this article on QZ which surfaced an old video of Steve Jobs talking about a marketing driven company – rather then a product one.

“If you were a product person, you couldn’t change the course of that company very much,” Jobs said. “So who influenced the success of PepsiCo? The sales and marketing people—they were the ones that got promoted, they were the ones that ran the company. ” Jobs then added: “It turns out the same thing can happen at technology companies that get monopolies. If you’re a product person at IBM or Xerox, so you make a better copier or a better computer, so what? When you have a monopoly market share, the company’s not any more successful.”

So here is the question.  Is the recent update of the MacBooks (and refusal to not remove last years model) with an increased price is that the change?  Or, is it Apple staying ahead of the curve and realizing computer update cycles are slowing and by doubling down on killing legacy tech and buffering higher margins to protect the bottom line and help steer the consumer to a better product?