The Apple Watch, Before THE Apple Watch

Back in the 90’s Apple was a much different company then we are used to today. They were a company on the brink of bankruptcy and their focus was scattershot to say the least. But if you were an Apple fan the 90’s were a great time because there was limitless kitschy Apple swag.

While digging through my personal collection I thought I would share a photo of my first Apple Watch!

The ’90s Apple watch won’t interface with your iPhone, monitor your fitness level or show text messages. It will just sit there on your wrist and tell time like any old watch. It also won’t cost you $350, the entry-level price for a new Apple Watch, today this Apple Watch seeks for in excess of $2,000.

But they didn’t stop at watches, they had a whole fashion line. Come on, who wouldn’t want to rock this look?!