Play The PS4 on your iOS Device


File this under something that blew my mind.  I am a PS4 user and have dabbled in remote play, but the concept never really appealed to me because it used to require a Mac or PC somewhere in your house and is not the most eloquent setup.

Enter PlayCast, a third-party Remote Play client for iOS – it lets you play PS4 games on any iOS device by connecting directly to your console locally or over the Internet.  Yes over the Internet!  PlayCast also features on screen PS4 controls but for even more fun PlayCast supports  “MFi controllers” so if you want to use a real controller it’s possible. for a better experience.

Setup is well documented when you first launch the app, and surprisingly easy.  The app also allows for customization of aspect ratios and resolution (although it is capped at 720p which doesn’t scale up well when you plug your iOS device up to a big screen.

If you are a road warrior and a gamer this is the best $9.99 you will ever spend.

Download it now

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