Meet the ORIGINAL iPhone, and it’s NOT What You Think

Meet the iPhone!  No, not THAT iPhone – this is the original iPhone.

This particular unit has some interesting history behind it.  A company back 1998 called Cidco already released a product by the name iPhone and led to quite a scuffle between Cisco (who owned Cidco’s assets) and Apple.

Cidco Inc. also announced a new smart phone at CES called the iPhone ($499). Instead of logging onto your computer, with this gadget you can send or receive e-mail as well as access any Web site you desire–right on the phone’s built-in 7.4-in. touchscreen. It’s the first of its kind to use graphics and not just text. The phone includes a pull-out keyboard, built-in directory, speakerphone, caller identification and 3-way conferencing.

The data delivery speed is marked at 28.8kbps or higher, making Web surfing nice and easy. Read More

This picture was taken by me on an exclusive behind the scenes tour of the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA back when the iPhone (the Apple one) was announced.

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