Connect an iPad or iPhone to Ethernet Easily. AKA, How to get you iOS device online when there is no WiFi

Thanks to the new Apple Lightning to USB 3 adapter its stupidly simple to get your iOS device connected to Ethernet.

This is extraordinarily useful when you are at a hotel with less then ideal wifi or even visiting an office that won’t share the wifi password.

All you need is:

  1. Apple Lightning to USB 3 adapter
  2. An iOS device running 9.3 or later
  3. An Apple USB to Ethernet adapter
  4. A Lightning Cable (For Charging)
  5. A USB charger

Since the USB to Ethernet adapter requires power it is necessary to use a power adapter otherwise you will get the dreaded “Not Enough Power” dialog box.


You can thank me the next time you are in a jam or at a conference where the wifi is, shall we say less then diserable.

Find the video below if the magic in action.