Pingie Now 100% Encrypted



Encryption, avery hot button and political issue.

Politics aside it is my belief that a communication on the internet is something that should be only visible to the requester and the sender. Having a middle party involved in that transaction is like looking over somebodies shoulder to see what they are doing on there phone.

In fact, 100 popular news sites were found to be susceptible to security issues that could help spies learn about what websites you browse and the data you share.

The fact that the government uses ad tracking software to surveil citizens isn’t necessarily new, but recently published research shows just how widespread the issue is.

This is in the wake of the one the top ad organizations publicly saying that the majority of its ad tracking programs are safe and secure. The truth is that almost half of the software used by the most popular global news websites are unsecure and provide an easy way for governments to snoop, according to the new research.

Business Insider

So, with that, I decided to fully encrypt Pingie.  I wanted to make this a better experience for all of us.  Enjoy!