Tinder, Snapchat, Facebook and Kik Messenger (and Grindr too!) Took Over CES

People may know CES as the gadget and gizmo mecca.  There is almost 2 million square feet of space with companies showing off everything from a refrigerator with a 21″ screen to a scented alarm clock (mmmmmmmmmmm Bacon!) .  But, there is another side to the convention.

For my day job, I build wireless tech.  Over three years I have been building out a platform that can scan for presence using wifi signaling, but also deeply analyzes unobtrusively collected opted-in aggregate data.  Leveraging this custom designed technology, I wanted to figure out if and what was popular during CES.

Turns out the post popular apps and websites of CES were not those of the vendors spending tens of thousands of dollars for show floor space, but of social network and hook up apps.

Shopping was also big too, as Amazon saw the trend and built a custom “pre-order” showcase for some announced products.

Some highlights were:

The WiFi network was installed in a total of 50 vehicles and tallied more than 89,000 smartphone users within 100 feet of the vehicle that had WiFi enabled on their smartphones. Nearly 1800 Vegas visitors logged on to the network.

The Top 10 Applications as defined by traffic to host destinations on the network were:

  •  Facebook Messenger (74.3%)
  •  Tinder (61.2%)
  •  Snapchat (51.8%)
  •  Twitter (56.9%)
  •  Kik (38.2%)
  •  Skype (33.5%)
  •  Tumblr (20.7%)
  •  LinkedIn (22.7%)
  •  Grindr (16.2%)
  •  Slack (12.8%)

Data captured in the period between Tuesday morning, January 5 and Thursday afternoon, January 7. All users of the Vector Media/VM2 Wi-Fi opted-in to allow their data to be used in aggregate. No individual conversations, images or transactions were captured.

If anyone has any questions feel free to tweet at me @dandorato

My company also issued a press release about the news as well.