iOS HomeKit Support on Samsung SmartThings? YES!


Have iOS and want Siri to control your home automation?  There is only ONE way to do it – use official HomeKit certified hardware.

But what if you already have made investments in other platforms or are not thrilled with the HomeKit offerings?

I use Samsung SmartThings for my battery of Z-Wave, Zigbee or other connected hardware.  Sure for voice control I could use an Amazon Echo for voice control, but where is the fun in that?!

Nick Farina has come up with a bit of ingenious code that spoofs a HomeKit Bridge and allows you to link your Samsung SmarThings hub, Sonos Speakers, Nest Thermostat, IFTTT, or Harmony Hub to name a few to HomeKit.

The software even has a nifty guide to install on a Raspberry Pi. For that I snagged a CanaKit Raspberry Pi 2 which has everything you need in one box (including an SD card with Raspian installed) and easy setup.

Sure I had to bit of SSH work, install C++14, Node and Avahi but if you follow the well written guide you will be able to do it no problem!

For the LAST step since there is no “official HomeKit” app to manage all your devices you will need to download something.  Sure there are a few free apps such as Insteon+ or Lutron but if you want the best HomeKit management app – I recommend ponying up a few bucks and buying Home for HomeKit.  It is crazy powerful and makes sense of all your HomeKit enabled devices and create rooms and automations.

Feel like a weekend project?  Give this a whirl.  Have feedback or get stuck?  Hit me up on Twitter!