Something BIG is Happening at the Apple Store Today!

As reported by a TwitPic all Apple retail stores are having an “all hands meeting” TONIGHT, which requires all employees to show up. But, there is a fun twist! All Apple’s retail store windows are being covered in black cloths to prevent people from seeing what is happening inside. Can it be the Verizon iPhone? We will find out 1/11!

UPDATE:: TUAW has to pointed out some interesting commentary:

Despite the unrelated coverup, we’re hearing that retail employees will have a meeting next weekend for the “red zone” — a code name given to the sales area of the floor. We’re also hearing of a possible new set up area, meaning you may see a part of stores set up to accommodate new iPhone purchasers get their phones activated. This would be great for Verizon customers suddenly flocking to Apple’s warm embrace, yes? At any rate, it’s more about the service than the product, both in the retail experience and on your network when you leave the store.