Potato Chip Hand Keeps You (and Your Gizmos) Grease-Free

No, making a cute girl holding your product isn’t gonna make it less silly. But that why I love it. The product is ridiculous!

What geek isn’t in front of a game or computer at sometime in the day with some kind of snack in their hand? Doritos is a geeky food group, right? Problem is as you are carbing up for the major Halo session your nasty and greasy hands are gumming up your hardware.

The £4.99 (appx. $8 USD) Potato Crisp Hand hopes to solve this grease problem. It has a hand with two fingers that pinch together to pick up snacks.

Just stick it in the bag, press down on the button, and you’ve got yourself a yummy snack without the mess on your hand.

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