Open Source and Freeware Laptop / Phone Tracker Helps You Get Your Stuff Back!

Man you can’t ask for more then this! Prey is an open source freeware program which you can use to track and recover your stolen laptop or mobile phone. You set it up by installing a tiny agent on your computer or phone, and if your device is stolen, you can send it a secret signal which wakes up the software, to start monitoring via GPS or WiFi signal triangulation.

The program will also take a snapshot of the thief via the webcam, grab a screenshot of their activities on your machine, lockdown the PC or even hide your email service and passwords so they can’t get in. You can track your machine via the Prey dashboard in your free online account, or set up your own private system, it’s up to you. It’s a very comprehensive feature set, made all the more potent by the fact that it’s fully open source.

It’s available for Mac, PC and Linux and for Android handsets only at the moment, but there are plans to include more phone platforms later. The free account plan (where you store your devices and reports) gives you up to 3 devices, if you need more you’ll either have to set up your own monitoring dashboard or stump up a little cash for the Pro account.

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