“Best Inflatable Toast On The Market Today”

This, Yes THIS, is the reason I love the internet.

First you would wonder why someone would want to buy an inflatable toast slice for $2.99, but it’s popularity with Amazon customers show the manufacturer may be on to something!

The reviews are hysterical. Timothy says: “For those occasional laundry day mishaps, when you forget that you have a piece of toast in your pocket… and let’s face it, who hasn’t been there? I found that this product holds up far better than real toast in this situation.” Or Joanna: “If you are going the low-carb lifestyle, you know that all you get is one slim slice of toast per week. This toast is inflatable, and it’s made of vinyl, so it isn’t even digestible by the human digestive apparatus, meaning you get a big slice and it won’t throw off your ketogenesis.”

I love it!

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