Unboxing the Monsoon Vulkano “God Box”

Look what Mr. UPS dropped off today, out of the blue (and without a working link to the MacOS client download). The Monsoon Media Vulkano box. For those out of the loop my buddy Dave Zatz sums it up:

But the Volcano line is more than just a placeshifter, with actual video input and television out capabilities. For playback of local media (USB or eSATA storage, UPnP, DLNA) or a variety of web content, starting with YouTube streaming and CinemaNow video on demand downloads. Additionally, video from an attached set-top box can be offloaded onto attached or (later) integrated storage. For local or remote playback which can be streamed… or copied (think TiVoToGo) for subway or air travel.

Later I’ll plug this baby in and take some UI screenshots. UPDATE: Now with UI walkthrough pictures and here is my first thoughts on the device.