Your Boot Camped Mac Hanging or Crashing? Blame the Power Cord… Really!

Ever have an issue where your Boot Camped iMac just hangs on startup? I may not be a Windows issue after all. It seems the culprit might be the power cord.

At my job most of the employees are using iMacs running Windows XP SP3 via BootCamp. A few months ago I got a complaint from one employee saying their computer wasn’t booting. It was an old 2007 white iMac and it would hang at the Windows XP loading screen. I brought the machine back to my cubicle and first booted it into safe mode and started disabling unnecessary startup items. The machine then booted without any issues so I brought it back and everything was fine. A few weeks later I get a call from the same employee as well as another employee with a 2008 aluminum iMac experiencing the same issue.

The post continues to go on hypothesizing that the culprit may be, well, a power cord that creates the boot hangs. I’ve witnessed this first hand several times on various iMacs scattered across different areas and the only thing that changed in the setup is a simple cord.

Does this happen to you? Should we break out the tin foil hats? Can it really be a power cord? It’s an excellent read with interesting observations.

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