Feedback? What Do You Think of UNEASYsilence?

So, I’ve been busy in the last few weeks with UNEASYsilence. We launched a new iPhone App (Which REALLY took off – If you don’t already have it nab it now!), new mobile site, increased publishing frequency.

In the coming weeks I’m improving the app and it will begin to function as a complement to our site and a destination for all things tech. Stay Tuned.

With tens of thousands of unique visitors a day and over 20,000 RSS subscribers I enjoy running this site for you, the reader. It excites me to share a dialogue with people of different ages, countries and walks of life.

I think I’ve decided I want this site to stay a solo show. I think anything more then a singular voice will get lost in all the noise of digital news produced today. We don’t need to be the largest site – just one people love visiting! However, staying as a one man show, hearing feedback is very important.

Please use this post to comment on anything that you have on your mind. Remember keep it on point! As for Experiment23 (this websites parent company) we will continue to innovate cool products that “try to make the Internet better everyday!”