Say “Screw You” to iAds

Now the iOS 4 is out, we are ushering in the age that EVERY app on the planet earth will have ads in it.

Ads in and of themselves are not necessarily evil – even though I despise them. I do understand they are needed to pay the bills (hey, I have ads and they do pay the bills). What is evil is the hyper targeted, geo located, extraordinarily intrusive analytics that accompany them. Thankfully hidden in Apple’s iOS4 TOS it includes an option to opt out of the nasty analytical part of iAds.

“Apple and its partners use cookies and other technologies in mobile advertising services to control the number of times you see a given ad, deliver ads that relate to your interests, and measure the effectiveness of ad campaigns,” the text says. “If you do not want to receive ads with this level of relevance on your mobile device, you can opt out by accessing the following link on your device: If you opt out, you will continue to receive the same number of mobile ads, but they may be less relevant because they will not be based on your interests. You may still see ads related to the contrent on a web page or in an application or based on other non-personal information. This opt-out applies only to Apple advertising services and does not affect interest-based advertising from other advertising networks.”

While you are at it be sure to opt out of AdSense tracking too!