CONFIRMED: Fusion Garage SOLD ONLY 64 JooJoo Devices

STUPID STUPID Fusion Garage. When you email your customers use the BCC field rather then the CC field!

This morning, Fusion Garage emailed all their customers asking for their experience using the JooJoo.

Dear Sir and Madam,
Thank you for supporting JooJoo.
We hope to get your feedback about the JooJoo Tablet.
Please revert back to us want you think of our product.
Please drop us a line on how your JooJoo is working.

Thank you.


Problem is instead of using the BCC field, they used the CC field in the email exposing the personal email addresses of ALL the JooJoo customers. Out of respect I’ve blanked out all the email addresses in the email but not only does this show that Fusion Garage is IGNORANT to their customers privacy, but that they only sold 64 devices.