iProxy: “No Tethering But Still Better Than Getting Ripped Off”

Remember NetShare? Well, AT&T has a beef with tethering and Apple won’t allow tethering Apps in the App Store, so Torsten Curdt decided to open source a tethering application – so anyone with a developer certificate can build it and distribute it to 100 of their closest friends.

The iPhone – the always online device. What would be more natural than using it on the train as internet connection for your laptop!? Unfortunately that’s not really an option if you

don’t want to jailbreak your phone
aren’t using one of the “official” carriers
don’t want to pay extra
want to use iPhone OS 3.1 and up
The only viable solution: a proxy!

That’s exactly what the “Netshare” application was. But it has already been banned from the App Store for a long time. So I thought – I just write my own. A few hours later I was able to reach the internet through my iPhone via the “iProxy” app.

iProxy is not as convenient as the real tethering. The internet connection is a few clicks more away. But if you’ve got a developer certificate (or have a friend that has one) it certainly is cheaper than handing out the money to your favorite telco. Especially if you only need this connection only every now and then.

Now while I cannot make this app available to all the iPhone user out there through Apple, I do make it available as Open Source as of today. iProxy is released under the Apache license and freely available on github. [via]

Well, if you have a developer certificate (or know someone who does) you can download the source code and build it. Or maybe (if you want) I can build it for the first 100 people that comment. Thoughts?