Who Needs to Wait For Palm? Enable WiFi Tethering on the Palm Pre Now!

At CES not only did Palm announce that the Pre and Pixi would be available on Verizon, they also introduced a mobile hotspot application that lets you share your data via WiFi to five devices. Problem Sprint gave that application the cold shoulder.

Enter My Tether. Its the PREMIERE tethering application for your Pre that lets you share your 3G connection.

My Tether for Palm Pre

Features (version 2.0.4)
* Allows sharing your Sprint EVDO from your Pre to your computer or iPod Touch.
* WiFi network name & WEP key customization options
* Makes Palm Pre into a MiFi-like hotspot at your convenience to share your 3G connection.
* Converts Palm Pre into a Wireless Network adapter by letting you share the WiFi connection on the Pre instead of EVDO when tethering over Bluetooth or USB.
* Option to disable sleep mode on Palm Pre
* Ability to turn off the LCD only, doesn’t put the device into sleep.
* Convenience features such as restoring the old WiFi connection when tethering is disabled, prompts to take care of pre-requesties to tethering, remembering settings and last tether options, restoring modifications to settings back to original value upon exit, and many more to list.

What makes the program cool is that it doesn’t require any hacking for the latest version since it includeds both a Mac and PC installer, but for the more daring individuals a free version is available is you “rooted” your device (think the Palm equivalent of Jailbreaking).

TOTALLY worth it if you are a Pre owner!

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