Tomorrow is Android Day: Nexus One Support Pages Appear, Then Vanish

Well, I think everyone and their mother knows that Google will be announcing the newest Android handset tomorrow, the Nexus One. Accidentally Google made the placeholder pages for the Nexus One publicly available tipping their hat at the devices prices and features.

We’re in full Google Nexus One bat-poop-crazy mode for the next 24 hours or so. And as such we can tell you that the official support page went live for a fleeting moment. And as quickly as it appeared, it vanished, leaving us what you see above. And don’t be alarmed: We’re still expecting the Nexus One to launch with Android 2.1, never mind the picture. Also of note is that the “Terms of Sale” page apparently confirmed the previous pricing numbers, though it, also, has disappeared.

We cached a copy of the Terms of Service (You can try to see a copy on Googles servers) and it does indeed confirm the pricing of $529 USD for an unlocked phone and a subsidized price of $179 USD. Also there is an interesting clause talking about 3G coverage that seems to confirm that the device uses non standard 3G frequencies – likely landing it on TMobile.

You understand that the Device will only work on GSM networks and that 3G network availability may depend on your mobile carrier. Please contact your mobile carrier to confirm that it offers a GSM network and that the Device’s technical specifications are compatible with 3G coverage in your area.

Are you chomping at the bit to get the latest and greatest Android goodness or will this be just another handset. Sound off in the comments.