Voice Dictation Comes to the iPhone

I love and hate the iPhone at the same time. My biggest complaint is the lack of keyboard. Sure, I got used to the virtual keyboard but its extra hard to type when you are on the go. My prayers have been answered by Nuance, who just released an iPhone version of their Dragon dictation software.

Today Nuance Communications announced the availability of Dragon Diction for the iPhone. The application will allow users of the iPhone to dictate text for emails, SMS messages, Facebook and Twitter posts, and it also works with the iPhone’s clipboard. As users speak, their speech data is sent to Nuance’s servers, translated into text, and returned to the dictation application. The software is a mobile variant of Nuance’s Dragon NaturallySpeaking software for desktop PCs. The application is free in the iPhone Apps Store for a limited time and works with iPhones running system 3.1 and up.

I’ve tried it and its AWESOME! Especially considering the price: FREE for a limited time. Download it NOW!

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