All This Hubbub for Psystar Selling ONLY 768 Machines

Yes, you read this right… Psystar sold only 768 machines!

Psystar’s whole business is premised on stealing from Apple,” Apple argues, “Psystar pirates Apple’s software, circumvents Apple’s technological protection measures and illegally benefits from the good will and reputation Apple has built. Psystar’s conduct, if permitted to continue, will both tarnish Apple’s reputation for excellence and lead to the proliferation of copycats who also will free ride on Apple’s investments, infringe Apple’s intellectual property rights and cause further irreparable injury.” […]

More painful are what Apple claims are the real sales figures. Apple hired an economist to go over Psystar’s (incomplete) financial records, and he claims that Psystar sold only 768 machines between April 2008 and mid-August 2009. “Psystar has not challenged my analysis of its financial records,” the economist said.

So, this is the company that Apple is so afraid of. A company that sold only 768 machines in over a year. In roughly the same timespan (Apple’s 2009 fiscal year which ended September 30) Apple sold 768 machines every 40 minutes.

I must say I was in shock when I heard that Apple estimated Psystar sold only 768 machines – and Psystar doesn’t dispute that finding. Wow.

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