Sling Player Mobile of iPhone is Live, Sans 3G

Seems like AT&T won the war between Apple and Sling Media. Today, everybody’s favorite TV place shifting company the Sling Player Mobile for iPhone.

Problem is, the App is stripped of its 3G streaming capabilities. Which is a MAJOR loss for Sling junkies considering you can use cellular data on Blackberries, WinMo, Palm, and Symbian phones.

I was fortunate to have a review copy for a few weeks and must say that 3G was the killer feature of the app. Sling Mobile Player for iPhone will support WiFi only – but that shouldn’t deter a loyal Sling user, but it makes the $29.99 a bit more hard to swallow.

The application is SOLID and really makes remote TV viewing a breeze. Of note people who got all in a tizzy about legacy Slingboxes not being supported are in store for some good news. The Slingbox Classic, AV, and TUNER, will work with this iPhone app, but will not be officially supported. This means that Sling Media will not provide any service for technical problems with these products, including problems caused by updates to SlingPlayer Mobile software or Slingbox or iPhone firmware.