SlingPlayer for iPhone May Be Denied For the iPhone Because “It Will Clog The Tubes!”

Boy Genius reports that Apple may have denied SlingPlayers iPhone app at AT&T request for its potential to clog their already shoddy 3G network.

Some feared it might happen, others thought it would pass with flying colors, but unfortunately we’ve got a tip that tries to shed some light on the situation. This was from an anonymous tipster and we’re posting it for information sake. We’ve already reached out to Sling Media PR, so in the meantime, while we wait, here’s what we’ve been told:

The application (SlingPlayer for iPhone) conformed to every single Apple guideline for applications and user interfaces, etc. The reason it was denied (actually denied today if our tipster is to be believed) was because of an executive decision on Apple’s end. AT&T had asked that the app be rejected due to worries about bandwidth consumption (this doesn’t make too much sense given that other devices has been using SlingPlayer Mobile for a long time…).

Now mind you this is rampant speculation, I have a few little birdies in Sling Media that say that the above rumor is just that – a rumor! It would be a shame to have the app denied, from everything I’ve seen and heard it is a must have!