The Web Goes Pre Crazy, and RIM Fizzles Out

Palm has managed to gain the loving attention of bloggers everywhere with the Pre. We have people salivating over the potential release date (Possibly May 17th) as well as shots of some random group of kids toting the next gen handheld in public.

It looks like Sprint and Palm may be loosening the reins a bit when it comes to allowing the Palm Pre out into the wild. The image above was supposedly taken at something called “the annual Bring Your Own Big Wheel race”. It shows two people, whose identities are unknown, rocking Palm Pres. An eagle eyed attendee spotted them and managed to chat the pair up before snapping a few pics.

Elsewhere on the internet, RIM must have turned green with envy and decided it needed some coverage too.

It is widely reported that all BIS (Blackberry Personal Email) on all carriers in the US and Canada. The joys of one central ring of servers to deliver your data! Hang tight Crackberry users BES email is not affected.