Reach Out and Touch Us… WHAT?!

I am consumed with being able to get information on every medium imaginable. If carrier pigeon and the pony express were still viable mediums you better believe I would try and find a way to get my musings delivered via those methods.

Until now you were able to get UNEASYsilence as:
A Moble Web Page (
An Email
A Feed (
SMS Alerts (
and can’t forget Twitter ( – Hmmm, I should really check out why that isn’t updating!

but now I’ve officially gone crazy… You can now also get UNEASYsilence as:

A Podcast ( – Hey you never know when you want to listen to our headlines on your MP3 player!

and as a Phone Hotline. Yes, you can call us at +1 (901) 328-7292 (Long distance charges may apply) and you will have the latest story read to you. Neat!

(If you want your own website as a feed check out Podlinez – It’s free!)