The Palm Pre is No Joke, Now Sporting Full PalmOS Emulation

Ladies and Gentlemen the Palm Pre means business. Today, Palm announced that the Mojo SDK is available but in addition to that MotionApps will release a classic PalmOS emulator for the Pre which would make Palms latest handheld the handheld with the most software available.

Classic will run PalmOS apps you’ve grown to love over the years.

We are moving to the next best thing and taking our favorites with us. You have your favorites so go ahead – pack them in Classic and come back to the future.


– Compared to Treo 700p your PalmOS apps will run approximately twice as fast on Classic.

– There are 30,000+ PalmOS apps. Through Classic, many PalmOS apps will work on the Palm® Preâ„¢. We will have a detailed compatibility list for you closer to the release date so stay tuned!

This is HUGE to open the established PalmOS library to the Pre. Palm has a ton of positive momentum working for it, but peoples attention span are short and the product needs to ship soon!

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