Accidental Coupon Code Cost 11,000 Pizzas

Seems that Dominos may be in need of a “bailout” after this latest snafu.

On the “Cheapskate” blog on CNET they posted a coupon code that allowed anyone to get a free one-topping pizza (carryout only) by ordering online and using the coupon code “BAILOUT.”

The problem is the “BAILOUT” code was never was intended to be a real promotion. Long story short and 11,000 pizzas later Domino’s killed the promo code.

Spoke to a Domino’s rep, who told me the free-pizza code was created internally for a promotion that was never actually green-lit. A customer happened to enter the code (Domino’s has been heavily advertising their “bailout” promotion), told the world, and here we are. Apparently the company honored nearly 11,000 of the coupons before pulling the plug. Stay tuned: The Cheapskate is trying to arrange a consolation prize!

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