Sys Admins Rejoice: LogMeIn Now Available on The iPhone

I must say that my life just got easier today. Instead of toting my laptop around (especially when sitting in an airport for 10 hours) I can now use my iPhone for all my system administration work.

Apple handset owners can use the new LogMeIn Ignition app to access any and all of their registered computers while on the go – or from the couch if they’re just too lazy to get up and move to a computer. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the solution, LogMeIn allows users to remotely access and control any PC or Mac anywhere in the world. A small program is installed on the computer(s) you wish to access and as long as the software is running and connected, you can take control of it from any computer using a standard web browser – without having to download or install any software. Simply log into your account, choose the computer you’d like to access from your list and viola – you’re looking at your remote computer screen in a matter of seconds. Now, the same can be said for the iPhone and iPod Touch, short of the ‘no software to install’ part of course. Upon opening the LogMeIn ignition app, you’re presented with a list of your available computers. Choose the one you’d like to connect to and boom, you’re done. The remote computer’s screen is displayed on your handset and you have access to a whole host of standard functions and controls. iPhone / iPod Touch owners with a need for mobile remote computer access should most definitely check LogMeIn Ignition out, which rings up at a reasonable $29.99. [#

Purchasing this program on the spot, performance on 3G is spectacular and will work with ANY computer you have registered with your LogMeIn account. If you want to be connected on the go – this is the application you NEED!

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