Use A Screen Saver That is Actually Useful – Also Create Your Own From Flash

The responsible energy conscious side of me should be giving you a tip on how to turn your monitor off when it is in idle BUT this screen saver is too cute to pass up.

As a fan off all things retro, finding a screen saver that is like old flip clock was heart warming to say the least.

No frills here. Just an old style flip clock that tells you the time when you glance at it. You can get this cross platform jem here.

The tip doesn’t end here though, I found that this screensaver was made with Screentime for Flash (A product I have never heard of before). Basically what this program does is take a Flash project and make it a .saver for Mac and a .scr for Windows with the click of a few buttons.

Screentime For Flash is the best way to quickly and reliably build professional quality Flash screensavers.

With Screentime, anything that is possible in Flash is possible in your Flash screensaver – beautiful scaleable animations, dynamically updated content, hyperlinks, XML, and interactivity. And Screentime seamlessly integrates your Flash content into each aspect of the the Mac and PC Screensaver API enabling you to customize your screensaver’s control panel, settings window, and installer with style.

Kinda cool way for you to showcase your flash skills.