Android, At First Blush… And Dan Eats Some Crow

Well, its time for me to eat my hat. Now, I’m not posting a full review yet – BUT – I must say my gut reaction to Android was wrong. Yes, the OS is far from a finished look and feel. Yes, The G1 may not be the best piece of hardware to showcase the OS (Having to constantly switch the device on its side and flip out the keyboard to type IS annoying) BUT the Android OS has promise.

At first blush I thought the G1 was just a Sidekick on steroids (Although I can see may converters) but Android IS a viable OS. Having the ability to code any application and distribute it WITHOUT RESTRICTIONS is appealing. No, Android will not beat RIM or Apple but Palm should be VERY worried. Windows Mobile isn’t safe either. Mark my words, Apple and RIM will battle for number one. Android will place a strong second. Windows Mobile third and I think Palm will fade away or just distribute the WinMo OS.

I must say, I thought I would hate Android… I don’t… Stay tuned! Thoughts?