UNEASYsilence Hits 10,000

Dear UNEASYreaders,

I’m very pround to announce that UNEASYsilence has hit a huge milestone. This post is our 10,001 post and I could not be prouder!

Started in 2004 as a space on Blogger to give a home to the ideas kicking around in my head and to post links that I found interesting. Never would I have imagined that this website would introduce me to so many wonderful people across the US around the world.

We have had our good times as well as slow times but what I always had was my readers. Thousands of unique people daily who want nothing more then to “notice the unnoticed.”

I want to give a huge shout out to all the readers out there. Without your encouragement I would have shut down this site years ago. I also have to thank one of my UNEASYfounders still lurking in the comments and the person responsible for all our designs, Derek, for being there always. You are a permanent member of the UNEASYfamily.

To celebrate I urge all readers to leave a comment to say a simple hello. I’d love to hear from you! Even if you are a first timer don’t be shy! We welcome you and are honored to have you in the fold!

Let’s keep the conversation going for another 10,000 posts!

From Mr. UNEASY himself,