Some FireFox 3 Power User Tips and Tricks

FireFox 3 is great but here are some tips and tricks to get the most out of your favorite browser.

You can duplicate tabs with drag-and-drop. Just hold the Ctrl key while dragging the tab you want to duplicate to an empty space on the tab bar.

If you use Yahoo! Mail or Gmail as you email provider you can have FireFox open them automatically when you click on MAILTO links. Choose Options under Firefox’s Tools menu, select the Applications tab, and scroll down to the mailto: entry. Select Use Yahoo! Mail and click OK. But, the option to use GMail is not included in everybodys version of FireFox. To enable GMail in FireFoxs address bar type in about:config and hit Enter. In the Filter field, type gecko.handlerServiceAllowRegisterFromDifferentHost. Double-click the gecko.handlerServiceAllowRegisterFromDifferentHost entry to change it to True.

Now, cut-and-paste this line into the address bar and hit Enter: javascript:window.navigator.registerProtocolHandler(“mailto”, “”,”Gmail”)

Once that is done jsy repeat the process above for choosing Yahoo! Mail, but select use the newly created Use Gmail option.