How Advertising is Going To Ruin The Mobile Phone

Ladies and Gentlemen, there is no such thing as a free lunch – or a free application. Prepare yourselves to be bombarded with ads in all your mobile applications! Why?

Simple! Mobile phones are easily located, always connected, extremely personal and always on you. That is an advertisers wet dream. Simply entice a user with a valuable and compelling free service (such as Pandora featured above) and begin peppering it with ads.

NY-based Pinch Media is announcing the launch of Pinch Advertising today. Pinch Advertising is a partnership between Pinch Media and JumpTap. Pinch Media has iPhone applications and JumpTap has mobile advertising solutions. The Pinch Media blog has more information on how iPhone developers can signup for this new advertising program. […]

On the technical side, Pinch Advertising is a drop-in library for your iPhone SDK applications. A few scripts and you could be generating revenue from your iPhone applications. Perfect timing with the launch of the App Store this month. [via]

Would you be willing to download an application for free and have it ad supported or, would you rather pay and keep it ad free? Do you think paid applications should have ads?