Banish Those Unwanted Apple Applications From Your iPhone

Thanks to the SDK Apple has let iPhone users be able to install and uninstall any application their heart desires, well so long as it’s not one of Apple’s bundled applications. Try removing Notepad, Contacts or Stocks. No such luck… Well until now.

This is more of a trick rather then an uninstall. What you are really doing is moving Apples bundled applications to a “hidden” 10th page on the iPhone.

Now we need to make some place holding icons. I found it easiest to go into Safari and make a webclip of the webpage “about:blank” or you can use any other webpage you see fit. You will need to put one of those “about:blank” webclips on iPhone pages 1 – 9. (Yea I know it will take about 10 minutes of your time). Then move any of Apple’s default applications to the end of the ninth page (Such as Notepad or Stocks). Now create more “about:blank” webclips that go in front of those Apple applications you want to hide until they are bumped completely off the screen (on the 10th page).

Once those icons are bumped off you can safely delete all those “about:blank” webclips and you will notice Apples applications will not reappear. Sure, its not uninstalling but its damn close. Hard to explain? Yes! I leave the comments open to anyone who can think of a simpler method.