As cellphones and other electronic devices get larger and more power hungry I’ve wondered why device manufacturers haven’t looked to harness the power of kinetic energy to constantly trickle charge electronics.

A company called “M2E Power” has been exploring the kinetic option and say that not only is a a valid way to trickle charge electronics they will release a charger within a year.

It says that six hours of cumulative motion can add 30 to 60 minutes of talk time to a cell phone.

The idea is to place the charger inside a purse or backpack and let it charge in the background, said Regan Rowe, director of business development at the company. When fully charged, M2E Power’s device stores enough to recharge a phone at a speed comparable to an AC outlet.

Inside is a lithium ion battery and a series of coils and magnets. When it moves, an electromagnetic field forms around the coils to generate electricity.

I think its a great idea to give your phone or MP3 player a quick boost charge when your battery is almost empty so you don’t have to scramble for a charger.

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