It's Now Official: Cellphone Calls Permanently Banned on US Flights

Uncle Sam, via the US Congress, has decided that the air is no place to make calls.

US Lawmakers are sick of people sitting on airplanes, talking about all sorts of private matters while waiting for the plane to taxi. After a round of story-tellingon conversations they’ve overheard in the past, the House of Representatives has voted to upgrade the FAA’s ban on in-flight cell phone usage to “Permanent” status.

On one hand, I’ve felt their pain: a few plane trips ago, a girl three seats from me was proudly divulging how sick she’d been a week prior. I’ll spare you the nitty-gritty, but it involved poop and pants. On the other, it’s not everyone’s fault that a few people can’t remember to not talk about poop in public. Taking their cell phones away isn’ going to make them any more courteous.

Not that this decision solves the issue, regardless. It only affects the in-flight period; that is, during and between take off and landing. People are still free to embarrass themselves during loading, taxiing, and unloading.

Honestly, this has to be one of the best bans this government has even enacted. Thoughts?

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