Opinion: Why You Should Stop Complaining About The iPhone 3G

So, do you agree? Do you even care about the 3G speed? Or does only the 2.0 software matter?

Every tech analyst, blogger and “expert” is voicing their opinions about how the iPhone is more expensive over the life of the 2 year contract than the first generation. This is true and I’m going to explain, in the simplest way, why it’s not that big of a deal.

This is a 3G phone that passes data in and out twice as fast as the 1st generation phone. It’s a 3G data plan so $10 dollars more a month isn’t that much to ask!

About the iPhone plan not including 200 free SMS messages: So what? Some people weren’t even using them. The iPhone’s plan with 450 minutes, unlimited data and no SMS plan is still cheaper than a Blackberry with data and comparable minutes. We have a new iPhone with a faster data connection and GPS and yet complaining about an increase in the rate plan.

What would be a big deal is if they raised the price of the old plan too. AT&T left any iPhones on EDGE (1st gen) with the exact same plan as before. It’s no like AT&T pulled the whole “operating cost” excuse and raised prices all around. I’m going to state this again, this iPhone uses a data service that cost AT&T millions of dollars to deploy and costs more to operate so $10 dollars more a month is not that much to ask.

Another thing, you don’t have to upgrade! Apple isn’t forcing you to buy the newest model. I’m not going to buy a new sports car and complain that I have to use 93 octane gas. I had a choice and decided to go with the better model.

The big picture is, will this affect Apple’s sales of the new device and I say no. People don’t look at the rate plan before a purchase. It’s only $199 and that stands out in people’s head. Apple will sell tons of these, don’t worry.

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