Best iPhone Quote of The Day, and Video of The New Pwnage Tool that Unlocks and Jailbreaks iPhone 2.0

I know there are some who are sick and tired of all the iPhone madness that is happening today (Me personally, I went to 4 Apple Stores and 6 AT&T stores and have bupkis – hoping for luck tomorrow!). I happened across the best quote, addressed to all the winers and complainers out there about their bad iPhone experiences, that made me feel better about my iPhone 3Gless experience.

OK, all of you folks who got up hours earlier than usual and stood in line in the heat for hours and hours to get your brand new iPhone 3G quit whining already. Sure you probably thought after all that waiting and work you’d have a working phone but come on! This is an iPhone. Didn’t you pay attention the last time? These things never activate properly right after you get one at launch so stop crying already. It will work in a day or two and then you can go back to telling the rest of us how much better than us you are with your new iPhone. [via]

In other news, seems like the iPhone Dev Team is having a little fun at Apple’s expense – their soon to be newest version of the PWNAGE tool can unlock and jailbreak the 2.0 OS (To a special reader out there, I was WRONG – the hack came out in one day despite my instance that it wouldn’t)

Check out the video.