How To Use Logmein On Your iPhone

Kinda bummed how Apple’s smartphone is kinda dumb sometimes? Here is a sure fire way to make the phone just a wee bit smarter.

First thing is first we need to make Logmein iPhone friendly.

Log in to your Logmein account and open the computer you want to access from your iPhone. On the left side of the screen you’ll see a section called Preferences. Click on then then click on the ‘Remote Control’ preference option.

In the top section you’ll find an option called ‘Default Remote Control’ and odds are its set to ActiveX. Select ‘HTML’ and hit save.

Now log into Logmein on your iPhone and select the computer you want to connect to. Within moments you will controlling the host PC by tapping on your iPhone’s screen. Now it is important to note this only works on paid versions of Logmein (not the Free edition). Enjoy and happy remoting!