Payback's A Bitch: Judge Orders Teen To Apologize on YouTube for YouTube Video

I think this has to be a first in the US legal system. A US judge is ordering a teen to apologize on YouTube for a video posted in which the teen throws ice in a fast food drive through.

A judge here is using YouTube to punish two boys who used the video-sharing website for a prank that ended with battery and criminal mischief charges against them.
The prank, known as “fire in the hole,” has become common in the past year. It happened July 25 to fast-food worker Jessica Ceponis at the drive-through of the Taco Bell in Merritt Island, about 50 miles east of Orlando.

Ceponis handed a carload of teens their soft drinks. When she returned to the drive-through window to give them their change, they yelled, “Fire in the hole!” hurled a 32-oz. cup of soda and ice at Ceponis and sped off.

The teens posted a video of the incident on, alongside a number of other videos showing similar pranks. Today, the teens are scheduled to post another video on YouTube: an apology that shows them face down and handcuffed on the hood of a car.

I wish a judge would order Chris Croker to apologize on YouTube for his “Leave Britney Alone” video.

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