On my Grammar…

Something was pointed out to me today that really drove me crazy. I understand the fact that people make typographical mistakes, matter of fact I make my fair share. In addition to these mistakes I also make grammatical mistakes too.

There is this one jerk out there who has gone out of his way to really irk me. I am a single guy running a site with tens of thousands of readers that also has three other businesses on the side that I slave over to bring in income. I have no editor, nor am I an English major. I understand that my English skills are subpar (because of the environment I was educated in) but to have someone make a joke out of my deficiencies is offensive.

I want to say to this person, you know who you are, that I work hard everyday to try and deliver information to all the UNEASY’s out there the best I can and I work daily to provide the best content I can without an overseeing editor. If you think you can do better, join the team. If not, then shut your mouth and email me privately to fix the problems.

My rant is over, a story to follow shortly.