Cellphone Unlocking Made Easier With SIMable's SIM Add on

Want an unlocked phone, but not willing to pay for it or go through some lengthy hacking process. SIMable hopes to make unlocking stupidly simple with a small SIM card add on.

SIMable is a VERY thin chip that you stick to a carriers SIM card which makes the phone behave as if it were unlocked.

SIMable is an innovative little chip that frees your SIM card to work in the vast majority of mobile phones. We all know that the very latest 3G devices can be very difficult and expensive to unlock and SIMable is the 10 second solution without invalidating any warranty on your precious handset.

It is important to note that SIMable does not alter the phone’s software, and when you remove SIMable your phone will be returned to its locked state. Might be worth something to someone. Available for £16.99.

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