The OS that Won't Die… Windows XP

So after getting a stay on its execution, seems that Windows XP is getting yet another chance.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said the company could re-evaluate its plans to phase out Windows XP by June 30, if customers demand that it stick around. So far, they have not.

“XP will hit an end-of-life. We have announced one. If customer feedback varies, we can always wake up smarter, but right now, we have a plan for end-of-life for new XP shipments,” Ballmer said during a Thursday news conference, according to Reuters.

It’s kinda funny seeing how the tides have changed for Microsoft. I personally remember the LINES for Windows 95, 98 and XP. Huge launch parties, and users just hungry to install. With Vista, Microsft has lost the magic. Who knows is Windows “7” will finally replace Windows XP, but it seems that XP will be sold past it’s scheduled EOL cycle.

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