Study: Unsupervised Internet Usage Leads to Piracy. Really?

Well, a study was done by the NPD group and while it claims teens are using paid download services, such as iTunes or Napster, pirate usage is still very high.

The research group estimates up to 70% of U.S. kids aged 9 – 14 download music in a given month. Almost half, or 49% use iTunes, while another 26% use Limewire. MySpace was listed as the third most popular site for sharing music, at 16%.

NPD Group blames parents for letting their children use the Web unsupervised as a major factor.

Give me a break! NPD blames lack of parental supervision in piracy. I don’t know about you but I know a ton of parents that use Limewire or other downloading sites to acquire their music. I’m sure AT&T will use this to bloster their argument that the internet should be filtered on the ISP level.

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