Genius Bar Fixing Some Bricked iPhones; How to get yours fixed too


Apple may be a cold, uncaring faceless corporation; absent any empathy for your bricked iPhone plight, but their employees are a different story. Mac Genius’s have long had the power to bend the rules under special circumstances, and it seems the trend is continuing with reports coming in that some very lucky hackers have had their iPhone’s restored by a caring Genius. If this is true, Apple has a secret re-locking app that they only make available to their employees. What I wouldn’t give to get my hand on that hunk of code!

I’m lucky to not have to try this, but here are a few tips for garnering the sympathy of your local Genius:

Act Stupid: “My friend/brother/dealer gave me this iPhone for my birthday/graduation, and when I tried to update it last night, it stopped working!” Don’t say brick, don’t be geeky– act the way your grandma would if she was in your position. Refuse to accept that someone “unlocked” your phone, and make sure to ask what unlocking is.

– Find a Geeky Genius: A lot of people unlocked their iPhones just so they could see what happened and have the experience of doing so– something that anyone with the hacking gene can sympathize with. Hang around and try to spot the guy at the bar with the most passion for technology and least concern for the corporate line.

– Beg: If all else fails, resort to pleading. These guys are busy, and would rather just re-lock the thing instead of having you standing there for an hour arguing with them.