Bloglines Beta Gunning For Google Reader


Bloglines and I have a real love/hate relationship. I used it after moving from Google Reader because it moved a lot quicker for me then moved back to Google Reader because now speed is no longer an issue, but it seems Bloglines is like the abusive lover that keeps calling you and I might be dumb enough to listen because the new Bloglines if hella pretty.

What’s more, if you liked the way Netvibes handles feeds as opposed to Google Reader or Bloglines, the new beta actually includes Netvibes-esque functionality. I’m not moving from Google reader quite yet though since I noticed Bloglines taking a dip in the speed yet the ability to seamlessly drag and drop feeds into folders is now waaaaay better for someone like me who is subscribed to hundreds of feeds. The issue of Feed Readers is something I have talked about quite a bit on my personal blog and I should end it now before I start getting overly excited. For me, both products have features I like and dislike but I’m sticking with Google Reader, for now. Check out the beta and decide for yourself.

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