Amazon To Launch DRM-Free Music Store?

Lots to talk about in the world of Apple/Music/Television/Digital Distribution/DRM/good tofu recipes. The NY Post is reporting that Amazon will launch a Music store with non-restricted MP3s available.

    The store will offer songs in the iPod-friendly MP3 format and give consumers who use the popular music player an alternative source for major label music besides Apple’s iTunes.
    The current thinking on a launch date for the Amazon MP3 store is the week of Sept. 17. However, industry insiders aware of Amazon’s plan caution that it remains a moving target. Amazon has already pushed the timetable on the service’s introduction multiple times

It’s expected to launch around September 17th with about 1 million tracks from Universal Music Group, EMI and independent labels excluding Sony BMG and Warner Music group. Albums are reportedly going to cost $7.99 and $9.99. It looks like the once invincible iTunes is seriously getting some competition.

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